Supported by Amal

We are delighted to be supported by AMAL to deliver Kahani project at WomenZone.

The aim of the project is to enable women to share their own stories with each other and then use those stories as a basis for a performance that will happen at WomenZone and other venues in Bradford, accompanied by an encounter event, such as a discussion or Q&A. 

Amal works to tackle a root cause of the discrimination that adversely affects the lives of all
Muslims in the UK a dominant narrative which is negative, stereotyping and monolithic.
We exist to help shift the narrative to one that is confident, diverse and just.

Amal challenges the narrative by supporting Muslims to unleash their creative potential. We
do so by enabling three sets of stakeholders Muslim communities, artists, and mainly
mainstream arts and cultural organisations to work closely together to grow opportunities
for Muslims to fully express and realise their creative potential and to share and celebrate
this creativity with others.

For more information on Amal’s work please visit