About us.

Womenzone Community Centre is a registered charity and CIO situated in the heart of Bradford Moor, one of the most deprived communities in Bradford. The organisation was established in 2003, by a group of local women in order to address the disadvantages which women in the area face.

Womenzone was established in order to respond to the needs of local women. Our aim was (and still is) to provide them with a safe, women-only place, from which they could access services designed to prevent their social exclusion and enable their full integration into society.

We acquired the Womenzone Community Centre in 2005 on a 25-year lease at a peppercorn rent, on the provision that we undertake any needed repairs or maintenance.  We were able to refurbish the centre to create a gym, steam room, creche, kitchen and leisure space using funding from Big Lottery Fund, Sure Start and Regen 2000.

Our principle aim is to inspire and enrich the lives of women of all ages in the local area, the majority of whom come from South Asian communities.

We focus and target our work on under-represented communities, delivering from Bradford Moor but engaging women, girls and their families throughout Bradford East and further afield across the district. Whilst providing direct support to women, we also take a whole family approach, recognising that this is the best way to achieve the biggest impact. We therefore provide sessions where male members of the family can take part too.