Rizwana Jamil – Trustee Profile

Name: Rizwana Jamil

Employer: RJ Solicitors

Position: Solicitor

Education: BA HONS Sociology/Business Management and Administration

Post Graduate Diploma in Law

Affiliations & Memberships:

Organisation: Bradford Council

Role: Councillor

Dates of Service: 2014 – Present



Partnership building, business development and entrepreneurial leadership, analytical ability to take an independent view, equality, diversity and good relations, policy implementation, fundraising, community empowerment and leadership


Why are you serving on Womenzone’s board?



Womenzone is in the unique position of being a women only community centre which was primarily set up to deliver provision for disadvantaged and vulnerable women in some of the most deprived areas in Bradford.  One of my passions in standing for election as a Councillor is providing community leadership and empowerment for the women.  I therefore welcomed the opportunity when invited to serve as a board member of Womenzone as the aims and priorities of the organisation resonate so closely to mine.  I feel that my skills and community ties and links will help strengthen the organisation and work with the women in the community which require this provision. I feel proud to be part of this organisation and hope to continue working with Womenzone in the years to come in continuing the work of enabling and empowering women.