Coinciding with the IWD’s theme, we celebrated International Women’s Day with service users, partners, friends, and families, at WomenZone to mark women’s achievements and understand how equity works in a working environment and in our daily lives. We were absolutely honoured to have had our guest speakers Sofia Buncy (West Yorkshire Lieutenant) and Mazish Ahmed (Genetics Project Co-ordinator) to share their journey with us. We would like to thank our talented entertainers, Shagun Bharti and Kousher, for the phenomenal performances during the event and everyone who joined us during this special time.

We were very pleased with the outcome and look forward to embracing equity everyday. “While equality gives the same support to everyone at your workplace, equity gives you the support that you require which might not be suitable for your work colleague as their circumstance is different from yours.” Sadia Sajid (CO-CEO at WomenZone).