ESOL English Classes

The ESOL English project aims to improve the language skills of people with little or no English and get more involved in the wider community.

Our ESOL English Courses are delivered in community settings such as schools, community centres, health practices. These courses are taught by volunteer ESOL teachers who offer 1:1 support to people with low levels of English in order to help them improve their language skills, access services and get more involved in their community.

Working with local services and community organisation, ESOL English activities provide further opportunities for people to practice their English and become better integrated into society.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify you must

  • Have lived in the UK for more than 1 year
  • Have low level ESOL Pre Entry & Entry 1 needs.
  • Be over 19 years of age
  • Only women are eligible

Want to Volunteer?

We are looking for enthusiastic, committed volunteers who want to make a real difference to people’s lives and teach English.

As a volunteer teacher with ESOL English, you will help people to improve their English skills by co-teaching a ESOL English course alongside another volunteer in a community setting. Courses usually run three times per week, for up to 36 weeks.

In return for your teaching commitment, you will receive free training and be supported to achieve a professional teaching qualification at Level 3. If you already have a teaching qualification (i.e. PTLLS/CTLLS/DTLLS or CELTA/Cert. TESOL or PGCE), there is a fast track training course to prepare you for teaching ESOL on the Talk English project.

To be a volunteer ESOL teacher you will need to be able to demonstrate excellent skills in spoken and written English at Level 2 (GCSE equivalent) and good computer skills at Level 1. You will also need to be able to commit to volunteering for one morning or afternoon a week, Monday to Friday for a minimum of 30 weeks, as well as attending training.

Volunteer Case Study

“I have been volunteering and teaching ESOL. I wanted to do a course which enables me to deliver with confidence so I chose ESOL English to improve my skills. I also read the reviews which attracted me to the course.  I have gained amazing experience and this has given me the insight to teaching. Overall this is a challenge but trying to explain to a student who  doesn’t speak English at all is a big achievement when they do. This programme has given me, confidence, enhanced my skills and increased my chances of employability.”

ESOL English volunteer

Learner Case Study

“I come from Pakistan and speak Hinko. I came to the UK in May 1985 and got married here. I want to learn English because I have 3 children and want to be able to help them and go to the school for parents evening and be able to speak to the teachers and other professionals. I have not studied before and have only been to Primary school in Pakistan. When I started the ESOL English course I was very shy and lacked confidence. Since attending the course I have improved my speaking skills and am able to make appointments with the doctors and teachers. I also am able to use the bus when going into the town centre and take my children to the library. Since attending the course I can now fill in my personal details without any help and understand basic letters that come to my house. I have made friends on the course and we go to the town centre together and go for morning walks. I have been to the Myra Shay park for walks, visited the Laisterdyke library and made a library card. I have really enjoyed it and regularly go to the library and park.”

We run ESOL English classes every week Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10am – 12pm at WomenZone.

To find out more, please contact Abida: 

01274 665270